Our goals are to have diverse, sustainable, grass-based agricultural enterprises that are profitable and meet peoples’ needs.  Additionally, those enterprises must be kind to the environment and the animals.  Ultimately, we must enjoy what we do.

Our focus is GRASS, as our name states.  Grass works for grazing animals to produce protein, provides a natural balance of lean meat and heart-healthy fats for humans, and helps protect the environment.

GrassWorks!!! uses many pasture and grazing management tools. We let the animals harvest most of the forages using Management-intensive Grazing. They convert it to meat and milk, like ruminants were designed to do. Our excess grass is utilized by other producers’ animals through contract grazing, or mechanically harvested while still vegetative and full of nutrients. We want the best for our livestock when the grass is not growing. Once our needs are met, we sell the excess hay and ensiled haylage. We plant both cool-season and warm-season annual forages as we feel this helps produce high-quality meats. Weed control in our pastures is mostly accomplished using good grazing management, but also by a conservative method using a GrassWorks Weed Wiper.

We produce grassfed meats from livestock grown on high-quality pastures, with no hormone implants, no antibiotics, and no by-product feeds or grain.  We provide open pasture, clean water, and sunshine.  They are not confined and have access to free-choice minerals and salt. We feel this produces a healthy product with the balance of nutrients that nature intended.  Our meat has no added solutions or marinades—it is 100% grassfed meat.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve upon current decisions and practices, through reading, research, and networking with other producers whose goals are similar to ours.  Farming is an honorable profession and the learning never stops.   

If you read our information and have questions or we can be of service, please feel free to contact us.        


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