Grazing ryegrass and wheat

Grass finishing livestock takes more into consideration than just 'feeding grass'.  Some of the many factors include:  genetics, diet, age, gender, rate of gain, health, and handling.  The entire system has to be evaluated. 

The Best Diet Possible

Our focus is on providing the best diet possible for the animals.  That can overcome some, but not all, of the issues in producing a good end-product.  Despite the fact that the rumen environment changes 'what goes in' due to bio-hydrogenation and metabolism, we want to keep the diet as rich as possible in Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA to be deposited within the meat.  That takes not only grass, but good grass and good grass management!  The challenges are endless but rewarding. 

If you feel you have the type of animals that can utilize forages, are capable of adapting to our environment, and you need to find a location to grass finish your animals, please contact us for consideration.


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